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PVC Strip Curtains Extruflex

Extruflex UK Limited is the Number 1 in the World for Manufacturing Flexible PVC Strip rolls, Sheet, Strip Curtains . We also offer welding strip, sheets and Welding Screens. To accompany the PVC we offer all the Suspension Systems to hang the strips and sheets. Thus, we can offer the complete range of all of the equipment to suit your requirements.

Our vast range of Flexible PVC Strip and Sheet is available in a variety of different temperature grades, colours and finishes. All of our PVC Strips and sheets are manufactured to the highest quality standards and do not contain either DOP, DINP or DEHP and as a result are all compliant with the REACH directive in Europe.

We are the only Flexible PVC manufacturer in the world offering Phthalate Free PVC. Phthalate Free PVC is extremely safe for workers, consumers, the environment and is used in children's toys, the medical industry and in industries where food contact may happen. The reason its only used within these industries today is because the cost of Phthalate Free PVC is very expense. That said, at Extruflex we don't put a price on humans health, workers and the environment.